Dr. Shiva Rama Prasad Kethamakka, founder Techno-Ayurveda School System hails from Andhra Karnataka border and born at Hyderabad. His studies of graduation and Post-graduation in Ayurveda went on at Hyderabad from Dr.BRKR Govt. Ayurvedic College. His interest at Vedic Astrology initiated to develop “Astro-Medicine”. 

Techno-Ayurveda –– is not just a site of Ayurveda. It developed from the urge of developing values in Ayurveda Science and Practice with a motto “Ayurveda Tradition to meet the Technology”
– It helps the patients with Research Medicines developed & proved from the various Ayurveda Research Centers of India, through Health Care.
– It cares the Ayurveda Research Scholars / Students from Entire World and supports them with appropriative suggestions, to develop a Scientific Ayurveda understanding & Modules.
– We encourage planting Medicinal Plants and Trees which not only cures as Home Herb Garden but also purifies the environment and keeps away the Global Warming effects. 

He motivated thousands of Ayurveda Teachers and Students in his career. He guided hundreds of Researches in Ayurveda. His Presentations, Keynotes and Publications are innumerable. His attitude of ‘tradition to meet the technology’ born as technoayurveda. His friends call him as – Ayurmitra – a friend for Ayurveda fraternity.

In simple words he is – Innovative, Developmental, Research oriented, Communicative, a good Teacher with Computer skills.

He is Editor for the unlisted personally circulated Jyotish monthly magazine “Zodiac Family” in the year 1994-95 and interested always in learning. With the ambition of motivation and Ayurveda propagation started “Amruta Bindu” a bilingual (English & Kannada) monthly Newsmagazine published by Publication division, Postgraduate studies and research, DGM Ayurvedic medical college, Gadag.

His teacher’s (Dr.V.V.S.Sastri) notes is transformed as “Essentials of Basic Ayurveda Concepts”, published from Postgraduate and research center, DGM Ayurvedic medical college, Gadag is a useful guide for many scholars.

Presently he is working Vice principal, Professor and Head of the Department of Panchakarma, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital & Research Centre,Swangi, (Meghe)(Salod Hirapur Mousa Area),WARDHA (Maharastra), A Constituent college of Dutta Meghe Institute of Medical Science University. Formerly is in the service of Amma – Mata Amritanandamai devi, as Head of Kayachikitsa (General Medicine) in Amrita School of Ayurveda.

He is an Astrologer & Vastu Vidwan, and developer of Astro-Medicine along with new inventions in Ayurveda Kayachikitsa, Panchakarma, Manasa Roga, Rasayana, and Vajikarana.

His research areas are – Skin conditions (Vitiligo, Psoriasis), Metabolic diseases (Diabetes, Obesity), Infectious (HIV, etc), Vata Vyadhi (Grudhrasi, Manyasthambha, Orthosis (OA & RA), Pakshaghata, etc), Family Medicine (Infertility Male & Female), ED, Psychosexual Problems), and Astro Medical diagnosis.

My commitment increases my level of energy. My energy increases my level of action. My action increases my level of success. My success increases my level of commitment.

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