Health Care
Today, in spite of sophisticated instrumentations enjoying the Life, we are at the stake of Health hazards from various aspects.
They include external agents like Electro-magnetic radiation, Dust, etc or inbuilt psychological fear generating many more physical disturbances.
We care and offer treatments to the patients with a latest Ayurveda Research Products after a through scientific investigations followed by ancient Ayurveda Techniques and Pulse Diagnosis. 
We encourage the systems included in Ayurveda philosophy for prophylaxis and management of disease. Yoga, Natural Healing, Vedic Astrology, Astromedical Techniques, Homa therapy, Gem therapy, Radio Therapy, etc. are included according to the necessity and demand of the situation.

Academic Care
We recommend the proper understanding of the Ayurveda as a Scientific Medical Management that includes the Herbal, Mineral and Herbo-mineral medicines used externally and internally for the prophylaxis and therapeutics.
A vigorous training is given for various subjects dealt in Ayurveda viz. Nadi Pareeksha (Pulse Diagnosis), Panchakarma (Massage & Purification), Swastha Pranidhana (Healthy Living), Ahara Vivechna (Food Regulation), Shodhana (Elimination), etc.
Apart from the regular student education – we have a short term courses for the general public to give awareness of Ayurveda.
These short term courses are from 10 hours to 100 hours along with practical demonstrations, depends upon the one’s interest.

Research Care
Research in any field is the most important factor of development. Ayurveda is in this attitude from ages to the needy mankind to relieve their ailments and recording the facts for the future generations.
At present the Ayurveda research scholar understands the science under the limelight of contemporary scientific backgrounds. The plagiarism is more and more now and a threat for the scientific community. This is happening as the researches of the various institutions are not available for the common researcher.
This site intended to help Ayurveda Fraternity for healing the ailed and to make better research in the field of Ayurveda.
We wish help the Researcher with a contribution of relevant material in the form of Dissertations and Articles. The material is in the form of abstract / full text. Any material requested is provided.  This can be used either to treat patients, making a research in Ayurveda, or writing articles or even for textbook writing.

Herb Care
Plants help us in many ways. The other Name is Herb when it heals our pain.
Vegetation is getting extinct – it is our primary duty to save them either for our Health protection or to avoid Global warming.