Course – Pulse Diagnosis
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Course – Pulse Diagnosis

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TANTU – TechnoAyurveda Advanced Nadi Therapeutic Utility Course

July 2021 – 6 Days -9 Hours
(Monday to Saturday between 4-30 PM IST to 6-00 PM IST)
Dates : 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 of July 2021
Course Fee: TANTU Shodhana Pulse Diagnosis
Indian Domestic Students : Rs 1200/- (only from INDIA)


Each and every Ayurveda physician dreams about the Nadi Pariksha which was heard in the curriculum but not taught about. The Pulse diagnosis is an unique method of diagnosing an individual state of health and disease with respect to Dosha and pathogenesis.

Technoayurveda offers an easy adoptable and recordable format of pulse diagnosis as TANTU. It is expanded as TechnoAyurveda Advanced Nadi Therapeutic Utility formerly known as Prasad (TechAyu) Dynamic Nadi Diagnosis Method is a novel Pulse Diagnosis course in which knowledge of Pulse diagnosis and its Utility in Panchakarma practice is taught.

Course Credits:

The course is designed as 6 hour course in 4 days (90 minutes each day).

Benefits of learning TANTU course

  • It offers to make self diagnosis on the basis of Nadi pariksha
  • On the basis of self pulse diagnosis one can plan their diet and regimen
  • It gives expansion of practice for professionals
  • It opens new horizons for the selection of Panchakarma periodically
  • Includes – Certificate, Presentation parts and learning material

Who teach this course?

It is taught by Ayurmitra Nadi Bhishak KSR Prasad (Technoayurveda)

9503227966 /9290566566 /

Course Timings & Dates

Will be announced shortly

Course Fee: TANTU Pulse Diagnosis

Indian Domestic Students: Rs 1200/-
Overseas students: $ 60 USD

Payable at: Dr KSR Prasad A/C 6178000400002963,

IFSC CODE: PUNB0617800, Punjab National Bank,

Sawangi (Meghe) Branch, Wardha, Maharashtra

or Transferred through BHIM at 9503227966@upi or technoayurveda@upi

Subject details of learning TANTU

1. Basics of Pulse review (History, Tradition & Technology)

2. TANTU Level 1 (Sarpa Nadi Energy Levels & Importance of Meditation)

3. TANTU Level 2 (Gross Dosha Perception – Location of Pulse)

4. TANTU Concept of Gati & Explanation of different Gati

5. TANTU Level 3 (Ardha Dosha Perception & Analysis)

6. TANTU Level 4 (Deep Level Dosha Perception)

7. TANTU Level 5 (Blocking Method Perception)

8. Identification TANTU Shodhana Nadi for Interpretation & proper Panchakarma

Ayurveda Nadi Pareeksha 10 Hour Course

Ayurveda Nadi Pareeksha is “Pulse Diagnosis”, even though commonly done in

various provinces, no authenticate institutional training. Looking at this lacuna,

Technoayurveda introduce for the physicians an “Exclusive Pulse Diagnosis

Course”.  The course consists of salient features –

1) Introduction to Alternative Diagnosis

2) Identification of Pulse

3) Terminologies in use

4) Dosha interpretations

5) Sub-Dosha interpretations

6) Dhatu condition evolution

7) How disease reflect in Pulse

8) Prognostic aspects of Pulse

9) Self Pulse Examination

10) Practical Experience

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