Course – AyurJyotish
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Course – AyurJyotish

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Ayur-Jyotisham (Medical Astrology)

COP Ayur-Jyotisham Course of Medical Astrology

(Certificate of Proficiency in Ayur Jyotisham – Medical Astrology)
Course Timings & Dates (20 days x 1.5 hours = 30 hours)

08 Batch Starts from 16 January 2023 to 10 February 2023 (Monday to Friday)

Admission Closes by 8 January 2023 – Join Before to get the Materials by POST in time
Evening Batch 6-30 PM IST to 8-00 PM IST

Course Fee: CoP Ayur-Jyotisham
Indian Domestic Students: Rs 6600/-
Overseas students: $ 250USD (Please contact for Paypal details)

Transferred through BHIM at 9503227966@upi or technoayurveda@upi

Or Payable at: Dr KSR Prasad A/C 6178000400002963,
IFSC CODE: PUNB0617800, Punjab National Bank,
Sawangi (Meghe) Branch, Wardha, Maharashtra

Please send your payment details to &
WhatsApp to 9503227966 with your details

For further details or inquiry you can contact on 9503227966 Whatsapp number or through 9503227966 /9290566566 / /

About the CoP Ayur-Jyotisham Course:

Astro Medicine or Medical astrology is called as “Ayur-Jyotisham” in Vedic Astrology. The Ayur-Jyotisham is an emerging concept based on Indian Astronomical science i.e. Vedanga Ganita Jyotisham.

The body-cosmos relation is well established in Vedic Jyotish. According to Ayurveda, a human body is with five basic elements, viz. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky (Cosmos). The imbalances of these basic elements are dependent on Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and cause disease.

The life style is at the directions and influences of planets or Celestial bodies and also responsible for the disease and cure. Not only the Human but also every life, herb and vegetation or metals of the universe represents a specific Graha, Rashi and Nakshatra.

Ayur-Jyotisham (Medical Astrology) provides diagnosis, prognosis, and prophylaxis, additive protective managements for the ailments and diseases with specified pathology, which are complicated or complex, having no treatment or difficult to treat in various methods.

School of Technoayurveda is offering a “Free” Horoscope for the people who participate in the Ayur-Jyotisham Research. Please provide your “Name” “Date & Time of Birth” “Place of Birth” “Disease particulars – Diagnosis, its History, Supportive documents and reports” “your doubts” at the contact sheet

Ayurveda is a holistic approach of health care embedded with influences of Nature and Cosmos. The knowledge of Ayurveda physician is incomplete without understanding the role of celestial objects on the human life. So as said in Ayurveda to learn Shadanga which includes Jyotisham. The medical knowledge of Vedic Astrology is brought out by School of Techno-Ayurveda and launches the Ayur-Jyotisham (Medical Astrology) Course on the Name of CoP Ayur-Jyotisham (Certificate of Proficiency in Ayur Jyotisham).

The Course is well designed with lecturing and the practical approaches. The course includes the basics of Vedic Jyotisham to facilitate zero knowledge enthusiastic learners along with Ayurveda Astrology that includes even Researches and remedial measures according to Ayurveda and Astrology.

CoP Ayur Jyotisham course Credits:
• This course is designed with 30 credits of 30 hours theory / practical demonstration.
• Each lecture is of 90 minutes online lecturing speaking examples.
• The Course Includes – Certificate and learning material support

Benefits of learning CoP Ayur Jyotisham course
• One can assess the forth coming diseases to get prevented
• One can plan the diet and regimen to counter the effects of unseen cosmic influences
• It offer the opportunity to be a Medical Astrologer to suggest remedies’ for clients

Who teach CoP Ayur Jyotisham course ?
It is taught by Ayurmitra Nadi Bhishak KSR Prasad (Technoayurveda) who is M.A. Jyotish Vastu and Ph.D. in Astro-Diagnosis
9503227966 /9290566566 / /
The CoP Ayur-Jyotisham course is a online course on Zoom platform

Subject details of learning in CoP Ayur Jyotisham course
1. Introduction to Jyotisham and History
2. Introduction to astronomy
3. Characters of Constellation / Bhava
4. Terminology of Jyotisham
5. Casting Horoscope
6. Panchangam & its utility
7. Divisional Charts & utility
8. Introduction to Jaimini Astrology
9. Graha Influences
10. Astrology in Ayurveda
11. Karmic astrology
12. Vimshottari Dasha
13. Bhava vivechana
14. Dashashrita Vyadhi
15. Ashtaka Vargu
16. Jaimini Disease evaluation
17. Introduction to KP Astrology
18. Prashna Jataka or Horaray
19. Gochara
20. Muhurtha
21. Disease combinations in Ayur-Jyotisham
22. Identification of different medical issues in horoscope
23. Research oriented disease evaluation in Horoscope
24. Knowledge of TARUAM (Techno Ayurveda Research Utility Astrological Medicine)
25. Knowledge of Horoscope casting and Reading
26. Examples and exercise Astrology
27. Ayurveda & Jyotish told remedial measures

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