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Jyotish Chapter

Vedic Astrology has many concepts to validate. The practice of the Astrology should not be limited for the materialistic values but also to incorporate the various aspects such as treatment and spirituality.

Techno-Jyotish group is offering "Astro-Medicine" as Astro-Diagnosis as a Research subject. Astrologers interested may join here with their ideology.

Homa-Therapy is a combination of Agnihotra and Astro-Managemnt (includes Ayurveda & Astrology). Ailed (Patients) may utilize this "Free opportunity" and get well soon.

Many are interested to know the astrology as a subject. But they are discouraged with jargon language of Astrology. Apart from this the method differences make them annoyed. Techno-Jyotish Group wishes to provide a Techno-Jyotish Basic Astrology Course with simple language.   
Ayurveda chapter:
This cares about the patient by offering Research aspects of the Ayurveda. This is either Herb based Focus or Disease oriented Health-Care. It offers your BMI-Calculation in Ayurveda Page. "Sadbahar [Periwinkle]" for Diabetes, “Asthi Srunkhala [Cissus-quadrangularis]” for bonney disorders, Tridax - etc. are dealt in the present day disease scenario.

Tangents of Charaka’s Arc:
Tradition offers the great value and respect for the Charaka samhita. Unseen angles of Charaka are brought out here.
Health Care: Techno-Ayurveda offers few time tested research treatments on this dais. They are - Skin Problems, Joint Disorders, Impotency, Aids, Stress, etc.
Academic care: Technoayurveda takes the responsibility of educating the Ayurveda community through - Pulse Diagnosis, Panchakarma Training, Ayurveda Basics, etc. for the needy
Herb Care: Technoayurveda cares the plantation and protection of Herbs, through planting “Nakshatra-vana”, Graha-Vana”, etc.
Women Chapter: Women are special in Nature. Their care in Women-Page along with Child care is a prime target.  Articles like - Pumsavana, Herbs like Shatavari, Dhataki, Sex Analysis, etc are enlisted here.
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The “Center for Organizing Ayurveda Research” is started as a part of encouraging the research attitude and providing the guidance for Ayurveda enthusiastic researchers. See full length information at “COAR” page.
Technoayurveda invites registration of Junior Researcher Award-2013” for Undergraduate Junior Scholars. Register the Research Topic with full length e-format “Synopsis -evaluation format”. After approvals submit the hard copy duly signed. 
The mailbox of Technoayurveda for COAR activity is -
Tangents of Charaka’s Arc
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