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Jayanti veda (Tridax procumbens) -
Unnoticed Medicinal plant by Ayurveda

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Indian Traditional / folklore Medicine is source of many herbs which are not
included in Ayurveda material medica. As potential to develop new compounds and
chemotherapeutic agents are found through in vitro and vivo studies, it is right time
to include new herbs in to Ayurveda pharmacopeias. Tridax is one such
multifaceted weed available throughout the continent which can be used as a
substitute for many herbs. The prime focus of scientific Ayurveda is to strengthen
the herbal treasure house through Ayurvedic concept based researches. The
present endeavor embarks on analyzing the updated information of Tridax
identification, phyto-anatomy, phyto-chemical study, toxicity and therapeutics, to
fortify the knowledge of rich traditional folkore practices followed since years to
the well being of mankind. 
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How to cite the article: SRP Kethamakka, Meena SD,  Jayanti veda  (Tridax procumbens) -
Unnoticed Medicinal plant by Ayurveda, J-ISM, V2 N1, Jan- Mar 2014, pp 6-20
SRP Kethamakka 1, Meena S Deogade 2
1 Head, Panchakarma, ,
2 Reader, Dravyaguna, MGACH&RC, Wardha, (MS),
JISM1403H Received for publication: January 19, 2014; Accepted: February 11, 2014