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Vitiligo [Switra]
- The White Patch

Vitiligo is a common chronic and progressive skin disease characterized by the lack of melanin pigments producing skin patches with sharp and often hyper pigmented edges. This disease affects approximately 1% of the worldwide population. The etio-pathogenesis of Vitiligo is still unknown to date, even though the multi-factorial character of its clinical expression is quite clear.

The therapy requires a careful assessment of the patient's general, Psychological conditions and clinical picture, as well as the identification of the correct drug dose to be administered and patient monitoring throughout the treatment period.

Initially mentioned by Kausika-sutra and later developed benchmark treatments by Charaka Samhita of Ayurveda. The knowledge regarding the disease Vitiligo and management under the lime light of scientific study undertaken by TechnoAyurveda, to get rid of this esteem damaging cosmetic disease - Vitiligo, the white patches.

Till date, more then 7500 patients used this medicine and relived from the problem. You can consult the Doctor in person or through mail and discuss about the detailed treatment schedule.

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Psoriasis [Kitibha]

Skin disorders constitute one of the largest groups of health problems in general practice opting Ayurvedic treatment for variety of skin disorders has also increased dramatically. Fortunately, Ayurvedic Medical Literature has bestowed substantial information regarding the diagnosis and management of skin disorders.

Psoriasis is a chronic, recurrent, non-allergic, non-contagious, papulo-squamous disorder of skin and is a complex phenomenon, the etiology of which is not certain, showing a wide variation in severity and distribution of skin lesions. It is one among the most important skin disorders because of its frequency, persistence and/or recurrence and tendency to disable in a proportion of those it affects. It may occur in both sexes, more common in the 3rd or the 4th decades of life. It usually follows an irregular, chronic course, marked by remissions and exacerbations of unpredictable onset and durations. Factors that may lead to more lesions include drug reactions, respiratory infections, cold weather, emotional stress, surgery and viral infections.

The planning of treatment depends on the predominance of doshas involved in psoriasis. Here predominately it is Vata.  Various modalities of Panchakarma are applied on the patients along with scientifically developed Ayurveda medicines. TechnoAyurveda is treating this dreadful disease since a decade effectively.

You can consult the Doctor in person or through mail and discuss about the detailed treatment schedule.

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