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Research in any field is the most important factor of development. Ayurveda is in this attitude from ages to the needy mankind to relieve their ailments and recording the facts for the future generations.

At present the Ayurveda research scholar understands the science under the limelight of contemporary scientific backgrounds. The plagiarism is more and more now and a threat for the scientific community. This is happening as the researches of the various institutions are not available for the common researcher.

This site intended to help Ayurveda Fraternity for healing the ailed and to make better research in the field of Ayurveda.

We wish help the Researcher with a contribution of relevant material in the form of Dissertations and Articles. The material is in the form of abstract / full text. Any material requested is provided.  This can be used either to treat patients, making a research in Ayurveda, or writing articles or even for textbook writing.

[Bhaishajya Kalpana]
[Agada Tantra]

Various Ayurveda Research Abstracts are given on Slideshare.Use the Treasure for your study or reference, Click to Get Ayurmitra Thesis Collection.
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