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Indian originated people worshiped Panch Maha Bhoota, viz. Wind (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Varuna), etc. Out of the Agni is one of the three supreme deities of the Rig Veda. Agni is known to be the son of Angiras and the grandson of Sandila. His wife is Swaha and has three sons - Pavak, Pavman and Suchi. All the offerings to the deities are through the fire i.e. Homa / Havana.
Physically the Agni combust all those are in it. The Homa is performed with a particular hymns and wood procured. The Homa is an Aesthetic Therapy mentioned in Ayurveda. The therapy is a collection of Sound and Smoke, for the people who have no belief in God also yield the result in the same way. Homa therapy is not based on a belief system; it works same as physics or mathematics.
Even when the rituals are not uttered, the smoke generated by the herbs burned along with ghee is inhaled and the “Inhalation Therapy” is practiced. Ayurveda Panchakarma practice “Nasya” as a therapy, in which the Nasal administration of different medicated Oils / Juices are practiced. When the smoke is used in the treatment it is called as “Nasa Dhooma”. For this practice the vehicles included are Ghee and Milk along with the herb chosen.
Astro-Medicine includes the Homa Therapy as one of the practices of healing along with Gem Therapy, Radio Therapy, Offerings, etc. Ayurveda told circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset, Tridosha, Environment, selected herb (according to disease and planet) will make the positive attitude and healing. Homa therapy makes the bio-energetic equilibrium i.e. balancing state of Doasha, Dhatu, Mala and Manas, said as balanced health.
Agnihotra performed in a copper pyramid, captures the revitalizing, regenerating and subtle energies from the sun during sunrise and sunset. The “Homa Therapy” also performed in the same way, but added with the herbs smeared with Ghee /Honey/ Medicated Oil (according to the situation). This can be performed as individual or even in the group. There is no restriction of time to perform, but performing at Agnihotra time is yield better results.

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