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               Charaka samhita is an Indian Health treatise of oldest available. Charaka has
described various aspects of health orientations in the form of discussions and question
answer patterns. Even though the sequence is not as we follow today has peculiar rhythm
of its own, describe the context in detail. There are many medical concerns such as
Tridosha theory, disease manifestations, etc., and non medical recordings such as
community and cultural aspects of the Charaka times. Out of these Charaka’s aspects
many medical are dealt in detail by the scholarly Ayurveda fraternity. A few un-dealt
aspects are focused here as a Tangent look on the Charaka’s compendium arc. Here are
the series of Tangents of  Charaka’s Arc for your kind attention.
Tangents of Charaka’s Arc
01) Carbon dating of Charaka Samhita
02-Teaching & Learning models in Charaka