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Technoayurveda is observing the lack of validation and standard foundations in Ayurveda Research for long time. Many teachers and scholars express the insufficient guidance for preparing a Research project or even to write it in an amicable and admissible format. Many times the articles written by the enthusiastic Ayurveda Research community is bouncing at publication level in Journal, especially in front of the International Medical Appraisal Society.
At this juncture, Technoayurveda thought that there should be a platform for the assistance of such passionate Ayurveda Research Community. Thus the “Center for Organizing Ayurveda Research” is generated. The COAR is a non-funded program and may accept the any financial or working assistance from the community. Its assistance cell is with the hands joined from the core teachers capable of validating and having the aim of helping the Ayurveda scholars and system. Technoayurveda requests the learned community to join hands in this occasion. All branches helping faculty names will be displayed and scholar may choose the branch of interest and need.
The involvement of the Technoayurveda core group is limited to extend the timely help for the Researchers who are at confusion or clarification. No further intrusions in to the individual researches are anticipated.
Technoayurveda offers a dais for the scholars to register their research activity, which will be announced in the registered listing of the Technoayurveda. Further the scholar is getting the help from the core group of Technoayurveda at each and every level. As the research is completed, the abstract of the research is published with the permissions of concerned. The researches of full length institutional studies (Short or Long span), RCT, Observational, Analytical, Experimental, Animal studies and Surveys, etc., are assisted along with PG partial fulfillment researches.
Teachers may notify them selves with their background to enlist them in Technoayurveda core group. The information may be sent to the mailbox of - Technoayurveda.
Researchers may send the “Research Synopsis” to register their research activity. Further if they need any assistance they have to mention the Registered “Technoayurveda Activity Number” - “Core Faculty Name” - “Ayurveda Branch” - and the “Question” in format with your “Proposed Answer” for your question. It will be validated and corrected if necessary.
The mailbox of Technoayurveda for COAR activity is -
Hope the Ayurveda faculty and scholars utilize this platform and enrich the Ayurveda in front of scientific community. Technoayurveda is initiating this module w.e.f. 20th September 2012 i.e. Nanadan, Nija Bhdrapada Shukla Panchami.
“It is a Free Service - at the interest of Ayurveda Development"
Center for Organizing Ayurveda Research
COAR Faculty / Branches
Ayurmitra Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad
Professor, HOD, Panchakarma
[Kayachikitsa, Panchakarma]

Prof.S.C. Varshney
Shalya Tantra

Registered Research Topics
Sriharsha k V (SDMCA, Samhita, Hassan)
working on “Manuscript of Ashwini Samhita”

Evaluation of the drug Anjani - Memycelon
edula  in Alpartava - Oligomenorrhea),
Department of Prasooti Tantra & Stree Roga
(PTSR) , Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College &
Hospital, Moodbidri. Karnataka
Hepatoprotective activity of MADAYANTIKA
(lawsonia inermis linn) -an experimental
study. By RAJEEVE B of Shri. J.G.C.H.S
Ayurvedic Medical College and Research
Centre, Ghataprabha, Belgaum (Dist.)
Dr.P.Raghupathi Goud, (NTRUHS)
Dr.BRKR.GAC,Hyd, is with “The clinical
evaluation of hingutriguna tailam, eranda
tailam & pancha kola kashayam in amavata”

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