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Astro-Medicine  - - Vaidya Jtotisham

Astro Medicine is an emerging concept based on Indian Astronomical science i.e. Astrology. The body-cosmos relation is established in Vedic Jyotish. According to Ayurveda, a human body is consisted of five basic elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky (Universe), the imbalance of these basic elements dependent Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) cause disease. The life style is at the directions and influence of planets and also responsible for any disease and cure. Not only the Human but also every element, herb and vegetation in the universe represents a specific planet, rashi and nakshatra. Astro Medicine provides diagnosis, prognosis, and prophylaxis, additive protective management for the diseases which are complicated or complex, having no treatment or difficult to treat in various methods.

Branches of Astro Medicine

Primarily the Astro medicine is based on the study of Horoscopes developed on Birth details. Some times, along with the Natal horoscope we do require horary methods. Some other methods, such as - Hand analysis (Palmistry), Numerology, Lal Kitab, Face Reading, etc. are also helpful in finding out the right answer for the patients question. There are three divisions of the Astro-Medicine as - Astro-Diagnosis, Astro-Prophylaxis and Astro-Management.

Astro-Diagnosis is a method of diagnosing a disease based on the combination and permutations of the planets distributed in 12 houses. Usually the 6th Lord is considered for disease understanding. The disease will have three phases.

The first phase is Udbhava [pre disease state] - the genesis. The genesis of the disease may be else where then that of what we get an expression of disease in 2nd phase as Vyakta [active disease]. The 3rd phase is Arista [complication] phase. The distribution and relation of the celestial bodies expressed in the ancient treatise are subjected for validation. Based on these values what we establish in Astro-Medicine require research.

Techno-Jyotish Group is offering a “Free” Horoscope for the people who participate in the Astro-Medicine Research. Please provide your “Name” “Date & Time of Birth” “Place of Birth” “Disease particulars - Diagnosis, its History, Supportive documents and reports” “your doubts” at the contact sheet.
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