Technoayurveda Healthcare System

Dr. Kethamakka
Shiva Rama Prasad,
Head, Department of Panchakarma,
Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College,Hospital & Research Center, Salod (H), Wardha,
Maharastra 442001
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Ayurveda Tradition to meet the Technology in Techno Ayurveda
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Technaoyurveda -
- is not just a site of Ayurveda. It developed from the urge of developing values in Ayurveda Science and Practice with a motto “Ayurveda Tradition to meet the Technology”

- It helps the patients with
Research Medicines developed & proved from the various Ayurveda Research Centers of India, through Health Care.

- It cares the Ayurveda Research Scholars / Students from Entire World and supports them with appropriative suggestions, to develop a
Scientific Ayurveda understanding & Modules.

- We encourage
planting Medicinal Plants and Trees which not only cures as Home Herb Garden but also purifies the environment and keeps away the Global Warming effects. 
Health Care
Health is Wealth. Today, in spite of sophisticated instrumentations enjoying the Life, we are at the stake of Health hazards from various aspects. They include external agents  . . . [Read More]

Academic Care
We recommend the proper understanding of the Ayurveda as a Scientific Medical Management that includes the Herbal, Mineral and Herbo-mineral medicines used externally and . . . [Read More]

Research Care
Research in any field is the most important factor of development. Ayurveda is in this attitude from ages to the needy mankind to relieve their ailments and recording the facts for the future generations. . . .  [Read More]

Herb Care
Plants help us in many ways. The other Name is Herb when it heals our pain. Vegetation is getting extinct - it is our primary duty to save them either for our Health protection or to avoid Global warming. ...  [Read More]