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AIDS / HIV Infection

Understanding a disease will not end with that knowledge. It is the basis for developing its management modalities. Usually it is a trend to try the established drug, which has a reference in Ayurvedic classics. In recent years, as there are thousands of research updates are available on Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and minerals, Ayurvedic physicians have a responsibility of developing new drugs in the light of emergence of new disease. It is in line with principles of Ayurveda to develop new drugs, of course not deviating from basic principles.

Ojokshaya is a broad understanding of immuno deficiency, depilated vigor and vitality. Charaka while explaining the causes of Ojokshaya has given emphasis to Bhootapaghata or infection, which has kindled our interest to do research on Ojokshaya, with special reference to HIV infection.

TechnoAyurveda is treating this dreadful disease since a decade effectively. So a rational combination was made to tackle cause of disease and management of resultant condition. The Ojovardhini-yoga, which has Ojovardhaka, Ama pachaka, jwarahara, and krimigna drugs in it. Recent researchers have proved all the properties of individual drugs also.

You can consult the Doctor in person or through mail and discuss about the detailed treatment schedule.

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